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spunkiegirl's Journal

28 April 1987
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i'm 19, i'll be 20 in April of 2007. i'm biologically female, although i identify as an androgyne or an ftm transsexual depending on the day. i don't know which one i am yet, i hope to have that figured out soon. i'm boring. i use this journal mainly for communities, and have another locked journal that i keep locked to almost everyone because people have a nasty habit of getting to know my secrets then happily turning around and betraying me. For this reason i hate all so called "professional" people who think they know what's best for me and what i'm thinking, particularly doctors, teachers, guidance councilors, and therapists (who so far i have been lucky to avoid fingers crossed that luck will continue). i have recently come to the conclusion that friendship is a gigantic crock of bullshit and i'm done with it.